100% acceptance ensuring network-wide project quality

Since 2013, Europe has witnessed a new network construction mode: non-telecom operators build optical distribution networks (ODNs) and open them to different telecom operators. These non-telecom operators are called ODN pipe operators. Compared with traditional telecom operators who build their own networks, these ODN pipe operators achieve higher network utilization rates. They are responsible for constructing ODNs (including pipes, fibers, and passive devices) only, which generally cover tens of or even hundreds of middle- and large-sized cities. For such a large-scaled network construction, operators need to perform acceptance accurately to ensure the network quality. 

Traditional ODN project acceptance is confronted with the following three problems: (1) Construction parties need to check fibers on both sides using the optical power meter and handheld optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR). The acceptance requires cooperation of at least 2 persons, which is complex and inefficient. (2) ODN pipe operators check the acceptance data provided by construction parties. However, because projects are excessively large, acceptance personnel generally perform spot checks instead of checking all fibers. (3) Project acceptance data and line connection information are imported into the system manually, easily causing mistakes. Furthermore, most ODN pipe operators do not have much network maintenance experience and it is hard for them to implement acceptance ideally. Efficiently checking and accepting all fiber network quality is always the biggest headache faced by operators.
To solve the preceding problems, Huawei raises an innovative acceptance solution. By deploying Huawei’s line assurance system (N2510 OTDR test system) and installing reflectors at demarcation points, operators can fast check and accept fiber networks. 
In the project construction phase, the construction personnel can use the mobile App ("N2510 Field Assistant") to achieve immediate acceptance upon installation. Moreover, ODN pipe operators can monitor on-site project quality and progress anytime. Different from dual-end cooperative acceptance and spot checks, Huawei’s new solution improves the acceptance efficiency significantly and supports checks over 100% fibers. Additionally, acceptance results and fiber connection relationships are stored automatically, and files of fiber network project data are created and saved permanently. This information enables fast fault demarcation and locating for future O&M. 
The N2510 ODN fiber acceptance solution resolves the problems (including complex operation, low efficiency, and data errors or missing) of traditional acceptance and realizes 100% automatic acceptance, ensuring ODN project quality. Simultaneously, this solution greatly shortens the acceptance duration for ODN construction. With Huawei’s solution, an ODN pipe operator who builds 100 thousands of GPON links can reduce 50% of acceptance construction personnel, 100% of spot check personnel, and 83% of acceptance time, and rent out fibers in markets at least one year in advance. 
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