From the most basic voice applications to the vast and diverse world of digital multimedia, wireless networks are stimulating tremendous growth in wireless applications. However, as wireless network technology rapidly evolves, what changes will this bring to the industry? What impact will hundreds of thousands of new connections by 2025 have on the world? What applications will emerge with the support of such a powerful network connection capability in the future?

To answer these questions, Huawei launched the X Labs initiative at the Global Mobile Broadband Forum in November 2016. X Labs endeavors to gather technology suppliers, partners from vertical industries and other related parties to jointly explore future mobile application scenarios. Huawei aims to build X Labs as a platform for idea exchanges. X Labs will host global communication and cooperation events on a regular basis, including technology application forums, industrial roundtable conferences, and industrial application white paper, to help incubate more cutting-edge ideas. Meanwhile, X Labs will become a center for cooperation and innovation, transform ideas into projects, and turn concepts into realities. Project partners can leverage X Labs’ resources, including advanced telecommunications labs and R&D innovation centers, to simulate future wireless network capabilities, allowing them to work together to develop new solutions. 
The first industrial roundtable conference for Huawei X Labs will be held on March 1 in Barcelona, Spain, where X Labs will explain for the first time its operating mechanism, partner engagement method, and research directions. In addition, the four key research areas for 2017 will be unveiled: networked drone applications, cloud-based AR/VR applications, cloud-based robotics, and autonomous driving. While these applications have broad prospects in the future, enormous challenges still exist. X Labs will gather partners for technical discussions and joint development on these topics to develop new technologies and expand extra markets.
At MWC 2017, X-labs and its partners will reveal their latest research results and strive to discover opportunities for incubating new businesses. The joint research results include 8K panoramic live broadcast videos, AR/VR that incorporates technologies such as motion capturing and interaction, coordination of wireless mechanical arms, autonomous drone inspection, and 5G connected car. 
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