Total Telecom had the pleasure of chatting with ETNO’s Director of Public Policy, Paolo Grassia, on the topic of digital sovereignty and competition in the European telco space, ahead of his upcoming panel at Total Telecom Congress

The idea that competition breeds innovation is situated at the very heart of the telcoms industry. Despite this, however, maintaining and enhancing competition in the European telco space is a constant challenge to ensure harmonised standards, regulatory fairness, and a balanced ecosystem.

We had the chance to speak to ETNO’s Director or Public Policy, Paolo Grassia, who provided a brief introuction to these topics, as well as how creating the right environment can lead to vital cost savings for operators. Check out the full interview below.



Joined by speakers from ECTA, ABI Research, and the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications, Paolo Grassia will be discussing this topic in more detail during a keynote session entitled Digital sovereignty, harmonized standards and global collaboration at the Total Telecom Congress on the 28th of October.

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