The Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) made 100MHz of 5G spectrum available to each of the countries three operators without requiring an auction

In February, following a public consultation, ICTA took the decision to simply allocate 5G spectrum to the island nation’s three major mobile operators, Cellplus, Emtel and Mahanagar Telephone Mauritius (MTML). Each operator was to receive 100 MHz each of frequencies in the 2.6GHz and 3.5GHz bands, with the telcos asked to specify their preferred allocation and timeframes for achieving various network coverage goals.
At the time, ICTA noted that it had opted for direct allocation rather than an auction process in order to drive investment and promote competition between the operators. 
By April, the operators were being invited to submit their applications for spectrum to the regulator and now the 5G licences have been formally granted.
“This new technology is not just about higher speeds, as it will also make possible new applications in the areas of smart home, Internet of Things, wireless health care, smart cities and autonomous vehicles amongst others,” said Chairman of the ICT Board, Mr Dick Ng Sui Wa. “Around the world, 5G is looked upon as a foundation for huge benefits to both governments and businesses willing to optimise on the digital ecosystems which such a technology makes possible.”
The operators should be able to launch commercial 5G services by the end of the year. 
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