Press Release

MDS has today announced the launch of a suite of cost efficiency analytic solutions designed to help network operators and MVNOs reduce costs and improve margins by up to 15%. MDS’ solutions are already helping tier one carriers in the UK and Europe and mobile operators from Singapore to Chile to target the largest costs and inefficiencies across wholesale charges, fraud, churn and revenue assurance.

The new, expanded suite of solutions extends MDS’ portfolio of Managed Service offerings in the digital service provider (DSP) market and allows it to offer revenue assurance, wholesale cost optimisation and fraud management to its service provider and MVNO clients.

The first of the four new elements is the comprehensive fraud management system, which allows data from any source to be analysed for suspicious patterns and behaviours, creating alerts and alarms in real time within a case management framework. This solution, based on the recently acquired LRC fraud product, is already used extensively by service providers in Asia, Africa and across Europe.

The revenue assurance solution uses analytics to reconcile the disparate data sets that form the core revenue and cost streams of a DSP. Through a systematic 100% inspection of data MDS can highlight and help eliminate undetected revenue losses and broken process. This solution is already used extensively today by one of the UK’s largest network operators.

The wholesale optimisation solution reduces the largest costs faced by DSPs using MDS’ predictive analytics and optimisation. It utilises complex statistical modelling to forecast subscriber usage based on behaviour, and furthermore, automatically places each SIM on the most cost-effective wholesale bundle, thereby creating costs savings of 10-15%. This solution is already delivering benefits today for one of the premier international MVNOs.

The Spend Analyzer solution improves the DSP’s customer satisfaction and perceived value by putting powerful dashboards in the hands of their enterprise and SME customers, giving them control, insight and confidence. Spend Analyzer gives the end user sophisticated real-time e-billing and analytics, which mean they no longer need to wait for a monthly billing cycle to understand their usage. It also leads to a substantial reduction in queries to agents driving cost reduction in call centre operations.

“MDS’ analytic solutions are crucial for operators and MVNOs who deal with mass transactional data on a daily basis and who need to maximise their margins,” commented Gary Bunney, CEO of MDS. “By providing solutions that continuously pinpoint cost inefficiencies, and reduce the largest costs in a service provider’s business – wholesale charges, fraud, revenue assurance and churn – we can help DSPs achieve cost savings of up to 15%. Our customers tell us this represents a considerable advantage in today’s highly competitive marketplace.”

All four elements are available through an MDS Managed Service that reduces the cost and risk, whilst offering accelerated time to market and agility to respond to changing market needs. Most importantly, the service allows DSPs to focus on delivering what their customers really want, empowered by timely insight.