Press Release

In-home network measurements, along with intelligence from social media, provide a 360º perspective on customer experience and customer sentiment. Imagine what a telco company could do by mastering these two “data universes” together, in a holistic environment, in real time. What makes this customer-centric approach unique?

Just imagine engaging the right customer at the right moment by matching the perceived and actual quality of the network around, from Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) to satisfaction and perception—or even adjusting the maintenance operations based on True Customer Experience data or optimizing the budget by taking action in areas where Customer Sentiment is critically low.
This is the philosophy behind the joint venture by MedUX and KPI6, two rapidly growing data companies. These companies are young but boast a promising international track record. The first step in the joint value proposition is a smart observatory that combines objective and subjective data sources and provides a lean and quick stream of information suggesting how to handle different use cases. Currently, the product focuses on churn reduction, upselling and acquisition opportunities.
The MedUX and KPI6 solution provides actionable insights that play a key role in overall customer satisfaction. This first-class intelligence will allow operators to improve real-time understanding of customer needs and preferences.
The solution has won the attention of telecom companies like Fastweb in Italy. This player in particular has been the first to rely on the potential of MedUX and KPI6’s real-world insights, and we are already developing an exclusive solution together: a long-term project including advanced analytics with Machine Learning algorithms to automatize understanding and predict new trends.
Fastweb selected the project (out of 200 proposals) as part of the #Open2TheFuture innovation call launched in collaboration with Cariplo Factory. As per Fastweb’s statement, “with the software platform and data sources of the Start Up KPI6 (and MedUX), Fastweb enters the prototype phase of the #OpenInnovation path with the aim of improving the real-time understanding of customer needs and preferences and creating timely and personalized offers.”
“The methodology behind this new product is actually pretty simple, as it is based on the combined analyses of objective and subjective measures. Think about it like a chart. The data describing in-home performance are on the X axis, and customers’ opinions and trends are on the Y axis. When combining both sources, you have a translation or correlation between the network performance and customer sentiment worlds. The solution offers unlimited opportunities to explore,” says Luis Molina, CEO at MedUX.
“Often, Telecom Operators are not able to quickly grasp the details of the network experiences that can have positive or negative effects on customer satisfaction, for example, the triggers for customers to switch providers or the patterns that may point to a service upgrade opportunity. With MedUX and KPI6’s telecom data analytics and benchmarking solution, it’s easy to gather the intelligence and define the Telecom Operator response in a timely manner” states Luis.

“The future of data analytics is in inclusion. A total understanding of the different sides is what companies are looking for today. The partnership with MedUX is the most successful data integration processes we have achieved so far,” said Alberto Nasciuti, KPI6’s CEO and founder. “We are working hard to make our combined offer the real paradigm shift for the Telco industry. We expect this product to be a huge improvement for the Telecom Operators we are already serving in terms of end-customer satisfaction, strategic decision-making and operational efficiencies.”
MedUX is a leading Customer Experience measurement and monitoring firm in the Telco industry, tracking network performance and Quality of Service in markets that collectively serve over 600 million users worldwide for Top Telecom Operators such as America Movil, Vodafone, Millicom and AT&T.
KPI6 provides consumer insights, segment characteristics, opinions and market trends. In the telco world, the company collects and analyses all the data available on the web and social networks to provide users’ perceptions, complaints, desires to switch operators and much more.