Press Release

Amphenol Antenna Solutions (AAS), the global supplier of antenna solutions and accessories, has today launched the “Megawideband” capability in its antenna portfolio.

The move is in response to the new extended 1400 MHz frequency band, also known as L-band, which is set to be introduced within the coming 12 months.

AAS’s “Megawideband” is a single band that works on frequencies from 1427 – 2690 MHz, whereas currently the market norm for Wideband is between 1695 -2690 MHz.

Arnaud Baron, VP Sales & Marketing EMEA-APAC at Amphenol Antenna Solutions, explains, “The generation of data is growing more rapidly than ever before. A move to L-band is therefore a pivotal step for the industry. However, network capacity increases can be cost and time intensive. The key challenge for mobile network operators is therefore to make the right investment to ensure technology fit for purpose today is future proofed for tomorrow.

“Our Megawideband capability extends wideband arrays to include L-band as a standard in our portfolio. Designing all our antennas this way without losing performance means when there is a need for the customer to move to 1400MHz they can seamlessly switch it on without replacing the antenna.”

Amphenol Megawideband platforms offer full support of all foreseen L-band schemes, up to 4 Transmit / 4 Receive (4T4R) capability. This extension of band has been achieved while keeping the legacy bands unchanged, with same the premium RF performance and phase shifting features. The Amphenol Megawideband product range naturally inherits all the advanced characteristics of wind load, size, weight and patented RET control of AAS antennas.

The introduction of Megawideband continues AAS’s commitment of being at the forefront of market innovation to continually address the stringent challenges of mobile network operators.