Press Release

Naka Mobile, a global mobile telecommunication and technology company, today announced that MercadoPago, the leading Latin America- based online payment provider has gone live with Naka Mobile’s IoT mobile connectivity across Brazil.

Built with Geo localisation capabilities for added security, the Naka Mobile IoT SIM is currently live in 25,000 point of sale (PoS) terminals in retailers throughout Brazil, with this rising to 100,000 throughout the year. MercadoPago is part of MercadoLibre, the largest e-commerce ecosystem in Latin America, offering a wide range of services to resellers and buyers across the region including marketplace, payments, advertising and e-building solutions.

Faced with increasingly complex connectivity requirements due to rising customer requirements, MercadoPago needed a mobile solution that could get best possible network coverage across Brazil for the lowest possible cost. With Naka Mobile’s connectivity, MercadoPago PoS terminals always have secure nationwide GSM coverage, working across multiple Brazilian mobile networks but free from any roaming costs. The Naka Mobile IoT SIM ensures ubiquitous coverage so MercadoPago retailers can always process customer transactions.

Security is paramount for connected PoS terminals. Naka Mobile’s IoT SIM not only provides MercadoPago with Geo localisation technology so it knows exactly where its PoS terminal is located but it ensures that every transaction is made visible alongside daily automated reports, for additional transparency.

“Rolling out IoT services in markets such as Brazil pose significant challenges for companies that are dependent upon nationwide connectivity. Coverage can be patchy and the costs of roaming across networks can destroy the economics of the service,” said Achilles Rupf, CEO, Naka Mobile. “By offering companies such as MercadoPago the ability to rollout a secure connected PoS service across the whole of Brazil, and to be able to manage it all through a single connectivity partner, Naka Mobile is helping drive IoT into new markets, transforming how businesses and their customers can take advantage of new connected services. We’re thrilled to be working with MercadoPago and look forward to supporting the business with all its future endeavours and ambitions by ensuring that we meet all network and connectivity requirements.”

Naka Mobile offers a complete end to end infrastructure for connected IoT services. Through its platform, Naka Mobile provides complete transparency of invoices and costs, allowing businesses to keep control of their cash flow at all times.