Press Release

MetaBroadcast joins the Telsis Group of companies, following a successful search for the ideal international growth partner. The company will maintain its products and brand, while pooling resources to capture economies of scale across engineering teams. MetaBroadcast services will be available through Telsis across the world, as well as directly and through its existing partners.

Telecoms companies worldwide are driving growth by adding TV to their consumer portfolio. New TV offers stand out as the most exciting growth opportunity today. With this newcomer to its family, Telsis Group adds a wide portfolio of exciting TV content options to services offered to its international customer base. MetaBroadcast looks forward to expanding outside of the UK, a market where it has been innovating since 2007.

Richard Grohol, Telsis Group CEO said: "Telcos are looking towards new strategies to strengthen their revenues as the value of their traditional services continues to fall. MetaBroadcast helps us bring new services to the market and align ourselves with our customers’ digitisation strategies. Telsis and MetaBroadcast share a solid tech background, and a history of innovation. We look forward to the fresh blood and ideas across both teams."

Chris Jackson, MetaBroadcast CEO added: "In our search for rapid international growth, Telsis stood out as the involved partner we need to access the next step in our development. The match is good, so it made sense to get married. Our joint engineering team is incredibly aligned, our target markets internationally are in sync, and we have already benefitted from a lot of resources and support in making this transition. After ten years working with broadcasters, telcos and media companies in the UK and Ireland, we are ready to take on the world."