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Latest cloud archiving solution advances information risk management; unleashes value of data

Micro Focus (LSE: MCRO; NYSE: MFGP) today announced Digital Safe 10 to enable customers to mitigate information-borne risk stemming from the surge in regulatory, government and privacy mandates, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). With Digital Safe 10, customers can refine and extend their information archiving strategies to tackle the complexity of compliance and unleash the untapped potential of archived data to gain greater business insight.

Organisations of all sizes and industries are subject to ever-expanding data compliance requirements that they must be able to respond to quickly. This is complicated by the exponential growth of regulated employee-generated content (email, voice, text, instant message, file, social media, and mobile).

“The magnitude of compliance demands is astounding, and as GDPR and MiFID II take effect in 2018, it will not be any easier for organisations to meet them,” said Joe Garber, vice president, information management and governance at Micro Focus. “Digital Safe 10 further reduces the compliance management burden, allowing teams to more easily address requirements and determine what valuable insights the business can glean to reduce information risk and further drive the top line.”

Digital Safe 10 builds upon and enhances the foundational features that customers have relied on for the past 20 years to manage legal and compliance risk: high levels of security, virtually unlimited processing capacity, market-leading employee supervision, massive scalability, compliant storage, and market-defining architecture. Digital Safe 10 enhancements include:

• GDPR, MiFID II (and more) support: Single pane of glass approach to manage multi-format archived data required for comprehensive compliance reporting and data mining.
• Enhanced data capture: Open APIs to capture and understand structured and unstructured data in hundreds of file formats, including mobile and social media, which is then consolidated in a unified object store.
• Enhanced user interface: A single, modern and efficient user interface that enables high performance early-case assessment (ECA).
• Live capture verification and validation: Tracking, reporting and reconciliation of eCommunications data, providing evidence of data integrity – from ingestion to deletion.
• Integrated reporting framework: Reporting capabilities on data processes with export to all standard file formats and delivery methods.
• Integrated, advanced analytics powered by Micro Focus – More than 400 analytical functions powered by the proven analytics of Micro Focus’ Vertica and IDOL, plus new forms of data enrichment, such as sentiment analysis, message clustering, and machine learning that enable organisations to quickly and efficiently drive meaningful insights faster and through fewer queries. Comprehensive information archiving, more efficient lexical-based supervision, and built-in security that draws from strength in Micro Focus’ Voltage and Atalla technologies.

“Digital Safe 10 is a true reflection of Micro Focus bringing together the power of its portfolio to yield innovative customer-centred solutions that can help customers address SEC, Dodd-Frank, HIPPA, FTC, FDA, MiFID II, GDPR, and many more regulatory requirements in a single solution,” said Garber.

Today Micro Focus also announced the release of Retain 4.3, its unified archiving solution targeted at medium-sized businesses, and at satellite offices of global enterprises that require an on-premises solutions to supplement Digital Safe in countries with strict data sovereignty requirements. The latest Retain solution incorporates carrier-level archiving that enables organisations to capture and store text messages (SMS and MMS) delivered on the carrier network for compliance purposes. The data is secured and archived in a central unified repository that includes multi-platform email and social media.

Digital Safe 10 and Retain 4.3 are both available globally. For more information, visit: