Press Release

Accelerating towards a holistic service ecosystem and improved user experience through customised AI, Micromax Informatics, the world’s 10th largest mobile brand, today partnered with Yandex, a machine learning and mobile technology company. Yandex Zen will now be available to Micromax users through its AROUND experience, which currently integrates shopping, travel and food services in one window.
The AI and machine-learning within Yandex Zen provides users with suggested stories, articles and videos based on their personal tastes and choices through a user friendly interface. The result is a superior end-user experience gained from a device that is unique to other available Android devices.

Artem Fokin, Yandex VP for Business Development, said “We are proud to be working with Micromax to help enhance the user interface of its devices through AI, for improved user experience and ultimately to achieve device differentiation within a crowded marketplace. Yandex’s software allows cult brands in the market to truly understand and engage with their consumers as the digital landscape continues to evolve.”

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Rahul Sharma, Co-founder, Micromax Informatics – “At Micromax our emphasis is to drive innovations through software and services that add to and simplify the user experience. A large chunk of our efforts are now concentrated on introducing products and services which solve the needs of our customers, empowering them with the latest technological innovations and eventually becoming an extension of their lifestyle. Given the fact that personalisation, flexibility and simplicity are key for consumer engagement, the partnership with Yandex will help our users stay up to date with relevant and targeted news and articles through a personal news feed, whilst enjoying an enriched device experience.”