WIFI still remains a faster medium than mobile networks in the US, UK, Hong Kong and Singapore

Mobile networks are providing faster download speeds than those experienced on WIFI in 33 countries across the world, according to a new industry report.

OpenSignal’s State of WIFI vs Mobile Experience Report found that the introduction of LTE services had dramatically increased mobile network speeds in a number of key markets.

Smartphone users in Australia noticed the biggest difference in speed between their mobile network and WIFI connections, with 4G mobile services clocking 13Mbps faster than the average WIFI speed. Users in Qatar saw their average 4G network speed beat the average speed for WIFI by 11Mbps.

The report highlights a subversion of the normal trend, which typically saw WIFI speeds significantly higher than those available on mobile networks. However, the trend remained in Hong Kong, Singapore and the US, where WIFI still outmuscled network connections.

In the UK, WIFI remained the fastest method of download, averaging 30.8Mbps compared with 19.8Mbps on an average mobile network connection. OpenSignal said that it expected WIFI to continue to provide strong performance in countries with relatively strong fixed line broadband infrastructure.

This change in network speed fundamentals could have serious implications for smartphone handset manufacturers, according to the report’s authors.

"Mobile operators and smartphone makers must re-evaluate their Wifi strategies, especially around mobile offload, automatic network selection and indoor coverage, to ensure they do not accidentally push consumers’ smartphones onto a Wifi network with a worse experience than the mobile network," the report said.

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