Press Release

NEC Europe ( has established an Advisory Board that will offer advice and strategic input into NEC’s growing Public Safety and Smart City Business.

The members of the board will include Sir Richard Needham, a former Conservative MP, who served as Minister of Trade between 1992 and 1995; Professor David Gann, Vice President of Imperial College London; Rt. Hon. Ed Vaizey, the MP for Wantage and formerly the Minister of State for culture, communications and creative industries; and Lady Eithne Birt, the former founding Director-General of the National Probation Service, and former Managing Director of the Government Division at Fujitsu.

"Our new Advisory Board has a wealth of knowledge and experience and will help us to grow our business further," said Hironobu Kurosaki, CEO at NEC. "We are delighted that such high profile individuals have agreed to join us, but we also feel that this is an indication of how NEC has become a prominent player in this field."

Sir Richard Needham, the chairman of the Advisory Board said, "following the ú500 million takeover of Northgate Public Service, NEC is determined to become a leading international supplier of Smart City and Public Safety solutions across the world. The Advisory Board comprises people with unique expertise and experiences in these crucial markets of the future."

The board will support NEC by providing advice and recommendations about how it can expand its Public Safety and Smart City business. It will meet quarterly advising on future business trends.

NEC aims to help solve a wide range of challenging issues and to create new social values for the changing world of tomorrow. One of the areas NEC is focusing on is Public Safety, with NEC’s biometric face recognition technology used worldwide for fighting crime, preventing fraud and improving public safety.