Press Release

NEC Corporation and SpiderCloud Wireless announced today that Vodafone Turkey is driving the LTE market forward by leveraging SpiderCloud Wireless’ Enterprise RAN (E-RAN) platform to deliver an all LTE Vodafone solution to buildings and key customers.

Vodafone Turkey has selected an all-LTE configuration with E-RAN as the ideal solution to the needs of the Turkish market. The flexible architecture and deployment models of the E-RAN enable Vodafone Turkey to deliver excellent 4G performance and customer experience to any size indoor space.

LTE was launched in April 2016 across Turkey and the combined challenges of 80% of mobile usage consumed indoors, hard to penetrate building materials like stone, and smaller building sizes led Vodafone to a unique E-RAN configuration:
• Carrier Aggregation is enabled on dual-carrier LTE Radio Nodes (RN) to provide wider channel for maximum mobile performance.
• Centralized Services Node (SN) hosted in a Vodafone Data Center enables up to 100 Radio Nodes to be placed in multiple locations, to attach to it via the IP fronthaul network. This allows economical deployment of one or more Radio Nodes in relatively small sites without the need for a Services Node on-site.
• Zero-touch configuration of the Radio Nodes at installation time. The installer plugs the Radio Node into the IP fronthaul network and it activates.

“Vodafone’s all-LTE rollout is targeted at rapid delivery of excellent performance and capacity to any location,” said Mallikarjun Rao, CTO, Vodafone Turkey. “E-RAN assures indoor VoLTE quality and provides a platform for LTE-LAA and future unlicensed services.”

“We are delighted that Vodafone Turkey have chosen NEC as a partner for their small cell strategy and extremely honoured to now become the small cell partner of Vodafone Turkey”, said Cengiz Karabalik, General Manager of NEC Turkey.

“Business, Industrial and Social applications are increasingly reliant on robust and ubiquitous wireless networks that can deliver both high-throughput and low latency – not only outdoors, but increasingly inside commercial and public spaces and homes – with small cells”, said Costa Tsourkas, Head of Business Development for small cells, NEC Europe. “NEC’s Smart RAN suite, incorporating E-RAN, delivers the targeted 4G connectivity that is required to drive enhanced customer experiences for smartphones and new IoT applications alike.”