Press Release

Neterra offers the Hands-on-site service now with a live stream option. At the end of 2020, immediately after the second closure due to Kovid-19, the company’s on-duty engineers were equipped with live broadcast cameras.

When Neterra customers want to make sure that various settings or technical manipulations on their machines and equipment are performed correctly, they no longer need to physically visit the data centre.

In a live connection, they can explain to a specialist from the company exactly what they want to do, and then follow on video that their instructions are executed accurately.

The customers of the Bulgarian telecom have full certainty that only they can see the live broadcast. The video signal from the cameras is sent to Neterra’s servers. The owners of the equipment get access to it only through a specially generated link, username, and password.
Hands-on-site with a live stream is applicable to all services related to the technical provision and maintenance of equipment for Neterra’s Colocation customers.

Activities can include wiring between two client devices, replacing some equipment – such as a hard drive, restarting a device, and more.

The service can also be used when installing new equipment. If customers are abroad, they often send their colocation equipment with the appropriate scheme, expecting Neterra engineers to meet their requirements.

“I’ve worked with many data centres in the past 20 years and the live streaming is just genius. The installation today went great, your engineer did an amazing job again, and having a live streaming video made it extra easy and smooth.” said a new client of colocation in Sofia Data Center from Great Britain.

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