Press Release

Netgem announces an initial series of ISP launches for ‘SuperStream’, the whole home WiFi service designed for mass market appeal and the only “Mesh-as-a-Service optimised for Streaming” for UK and Ireland Altnets and fast growing ISPs

Netgem is today pleased to announce a series of upcoming launches with ISPs starting with InternetTY, a fast-growing FTTH player in the Liverpool, Manchester, North Lincolnshire and Staffordshire areas. Netgem has also confirmed the upcoming launch of SuperStream with leading Irish provider Pure Telecom, and award-winning UK ISP Origin Broadband also set to start marketing the service.

Netgem has introduced SuperStream, a cost-effective Wifi Mesh product with simple Setup, coupled with a powerful Quality-of-Service tool for ISP Customer operations, as a simple extension of the TV QoS Management service already deployed with UK & Ireland ISPs. Moreover, Netgem has expanded the principle already established with its Netgem TV service, and created a new “Mesh-as-a-Service” commercial model, suited for Fibre ISPs wishing to adopt Wifi Mesh at scale. This follows the successful launch of SuperStream in October last year across Full Fibre ISP “VIDEOFUTUR” in France, with all Fibre plans systematically offered with the Netgem TV & Wifi Mesh solution.

As so many of us now rely on our home broadband for work, education, entertainment and to do videocalls with friends and family, we expect more and more ISPs to offer a Mesh service as standard so customers get the most out of their connection. As the specialist in video streaming Netgem has now completed the extension of its service portfolio to include a Wifi Mesh solution optimised for “video streaming”.

Ben Wragg, head of network transformation at InternetTY commented: “Our network is Gigabit+ speeds capable and customers’ expectations is that WiFi must be super strong in every room. These days even in relatively small properties WiFi coverage can be tricky – we wanted to complement our offering with a Mesh service that is simple to install and cost effective, whilst bringing us the back office tools we need to meet our customers high expectations. Netgem was in balance the perfect offer in the market for that.”

This announcement comes ahead of Netgem’s participation at the Internet Services Providers’ Association (ISPA) Customer Experience Summit on 25th March, where Netgem will showcase their mass market approach to Whole Home WiFi, with a service focused on simplicity, and a commercial model designed for high attach rates from ISPs.

ISPA General Secretary Nick Lansman added: “This year we’re hosting a dedicated panel event on Whole Home WiFi and associated operational and commercial benefits because our members increasingly see this as a critical service to complement and realise the full potential of gigabit speeds. It’s great to see new models and options offered to the market”.

Sylvain Thevenot, Chief Commercial & Customer Officer – Netgem Group – comments: “Our experience deploying SuperStream in France across thousands of Fibre homes confirmed that our service has a true mass market appeal with more than half of customers adopting SuperStream Wifi Mesh with their Fibre Broadband & TV plans. In addition, building on 20 years+ of experience working with Operators, we have added the Wifi Mesh complete Quality-of-Service features to our existing Cloud based service tool for Customer operations, and we are very pleased to make our first deployments of Super Stream with Netgem TV in the UK & Ireland.”