Press Release

NetIX, the leading global distributed platform for connectivity and peering services has launched a new connectivity service where networks can utilize unused IXP bandwidth to access NetIX and its full portfolio of services.

This new access service means networks no longer have to spend time, money, and energy building out to a data centre location in common with NetIX; they can put their existing under-used infrastructure to work without the need for further costly investment.

“Efficiently and cost-effectively moving data around the world is what our network does best,” said Neven Dilkov, founder of NetIX. “We want everyone to be able to harvest the power of NetIX’s global exchange platform instantly and with zero additional cost!”

NetIX is committed to improving the ease of networks achieving global connectivity; in April, NetIX launched a similar service – Layer 3 Tunneling – which enabled access to its platform via the Public Internet rather than building out to a shared data centre.

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