Press Release

NetIX, the leading global distributed platform for connectivity and peering services has added a brand new automated DDoS mitigation service to help its members identify and stop malicious attacks on its network before it causes damage.

Once activated, the Smart Blackholing service automatically detects a rise in traffic accessing a single network, identifies the offending party and immediately stops all further traffic, only allowing normality to resume once approved traffic levels have returned.

Delivering always-on connectivity is of the utmost importance in today’s technologically-driven world and NetIX’s Smart Blackholing service ensures networks continue to function at 100 per cent.

“Most DDoS attacks happen during the night when networks have fewer engineers on-site to identify and stop an attack”, commented Neven Dilkov, founder of NetIX. He continued, “We developed our Smart Blackholing with this in mind; we want to help protect our customers and their reputations with our always-on, automated DDoS mitigation solution.”