Press Release

NetIX, the leading global distributed platform for connectivity and peering solutions is celebrating recently upgrading customer Neterra’s London Internet Exchange’s (LINX) peering connection.

Due to the high volumes of traffic travelling across Neterra’s network during lockdown, NetIX has upgraded Neterra’s access to LINX from 1G to 4G to help lower latency, reduce IP Transit costs, and improve resiliency and redundancy.

As a registered ConneXions reseller partner of LINX, NetIX can provide a peering connection into the Internet Exchange without the need for further investment in infrastructure; with NetIX’s remote peering solution, you don’t need to be in the same data centre as LINX, opening up many possibilities via one NetIX port.

The NetIX platform brings simplicity to network expansions via a single connection; NetIX is home to 140+ members, 30+ IXPs, and 6,000+ networks across 65 cities and any connected network can benefit by connecting to any peer or location using the same port.

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