We caught up with Deutsche Telekom’s Borislav Tadic ahead of our upcoming Connected Germany event, being held in Mainz on April 5-6 2022

Can you introduce yourself and your role?

My mission is to turn millions of citizens and customers in northern Germany into fans, by building and maintaining the best high-speed telecommunication networks. In order to achieve that, my organization invests the resource of thousands of motivated people, hundreds of partner companies and hundreds of millions of Euros every year.
How do you think Germany’s broadband landscape will evolve in the next year or so?
In the domain of the infrastructure, the market will be further fragmented by the new entrants, the regulation will hopefully further simplify and the “hunger” for capacities in Germany – from construction to planning and digitization – will grow. 
What are you most looking forward to about Connected Germany?
Variety of topics related to telecommunication infrastructure, heterogeneous stakeholders, and cross-company and cross-industry talks. Also, it’s great to be back to the physical events.
You can hear more about how the digital infrastructure landscape in Germany is set to evolve, and from Borislav and the rest of our amazing speaker line-up by securing your place for Connected Germany. Just follow the link to register for the event, and join us in Mainz on April 5-6!