Press Release

UK based online eSIM store and mobile network virtual operator,, announced the introduction of Hash Calling to their flagship Pay As You Go eSIM today. This new method of making voice calls using eSIM aims to reduce the costs of international calls and ultimately help mobile users save even more money without compromising on connectivity.

The debut of the Hash Calling feature means users who are already benefiting from the cheaper rates eSIM offers will see an even greater reduction in calling costs, in some cases as much as 80% cheaper. For example, a call made from Peru to the United Kingdom usually costs about $1.90 per minute but will cost only $0.05 using Hash Calling. Similarly, a call made from Nigeria to the United Kingdom will go from $1.90 per minute to $0.05 per minute when using Hash Calling.

To make a voice call using the Hash Calling feature, eSIM users dial the number they need to reach and follow it by the hash key. A few seconds later their phone will ring and upon answering a call will be initiated to the dialled number. This call will connect the dialler and the person on the other end without incurring the standard costs of international calls.

The Hash Calling service is the first of its kind and exclusive to’s Pay As You Go eSIM. It offers unparalleled simplicity when it comes to making international calls and is completely automated. Other than ensuring the eSIM service is being used when making a call, Hash Calling doesn’t require any sort of set up or need to dial a pre-assigned access number to activate the service.

Hash Calling works by utilising a special signalling channel on the GSM network to communicate directly with the network. This allows us to take full control of the call and avoids expensive charges from the network on which the eSIM service is being used.

For people working from home or those with loved ones abroad, the addition of Hash Calling to the globally enabled prepaid eSIM makes staying in contact and saving money effortless. It will also prove particularly beneficial to business owners and executives who spend a significant amount of time making calls to international offices, partners, colleagues, or investors.