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VCTI and EDX Wireless Partner to Provide Rapid Broadband Planning Service toImprove Availability and Performance in Response to COVID-19 Demand Surge for Home Broadband 

VCTI, the broadband network experts, today announced it has teamed with EDX Wireless, the leader in advanced wireless system planning solutions, to help service providers and municipal leaders provide better broadband service to their communities. VCTI is offering a Rapid Broadband Planning service that quickly – in days instead of weeks – identifies best options to improve and expand broadband services. Once models and planning are complete, wireless networks can be deployed quickly to increase accessibility and high-speed network connectivity for users.

The Rapid Broadband Planning Service delivers options, analyzing the full gamut of technologies including fiber, copper and coax with fixed wireless, smart grid, private LTE, and Wi-Fi capabilities in cities and towns experiencing broadband degradation.

Broadband networks are strained. Businesses have shifted staff to remote work with extensive reliance on video conferencing. Children, teenagers, and college students are online for entertainment and distance learning as schools close. Healthcare practices are transitioning to telemedicine to reduce in-person visits.
VCTI and EDX have integrated EDX’s wireless network design and planning tools with VCTI NOCPlan™, a platform that automates and enables optimized broadband network planning expansion and evolution, to offer the Rapid Broadband Planning Service. The integrated tool allows unprecedented flexibility and speed in modeling deployment and market coverage options for expanded and/or upgraded infrastructure.
“As people across the country are now mandated to work, learn, or receive care from home, many still don’t have access to reliable, high-speed broadband internet,” said Raj Singh, CEO, VCTI. “It’s imperative that communities and broadband service providers work together now and build out plans that can most effectively leverage all the assets and technology at their disposal to rapidly and cost-effectively boost the capacity of consumer networks. Our service allows them to do that in days rather than weeks.”
“It doesn’t matter if you’re a ‘smart city’ or a rural community, quality broadband is vital for effective work at home, online learning, and to sustain people’s commitment to social distancing,” said Lorne Liechty, CEO of EDX Wireless. “Leveraging wireless broadband allows service providers to quickly improve high-speed internet services as no construction or digging is required to connect homes. We’re excited to provide this addition to VCTI’s toolset via our API offering.”

About EDX Wireless
Founded in 1985, EDX Wireless, Inc. is a global leader and pioneer in wireless network design and planning tool technology. EDX enables radio-engineering teams to achieve their maximum productivity through innovative offerings like Cirrus Data, Cirrus Licensing, and API automation. Used in the planning, deployment, and optimization of any wireless system, EDX is the clear technology leader in advanced wireless system planning solutions. EDX customers span the globe, with thousands of engineers in over 60 countries depending on its accurate, reliable, and scalable planning tools.

About VCTI
VCTI is a world-class provider of software products and technical expertise for communications services providers and the equipment vendors embedded in their networks. VCTI offers solutions for service providers that enable automation and optimization of network evolution planning, automate, simplify and streamline network operations in multi-vendor environments, and extract value from legacy operations to build a bridge to a digital future.
These solutions enable service providers to drive a stronger ROI from their network engineering and operations investments, grow their broadband subscriber base, and build a more successful, robust path to a digital future. VCTI technology is found in the access networks of more than 500 service providers, globally. For further information, visit us at