The cable will link the western Australian city of Perth with the Omani capital of Muscat

Australian subsea specialists SUB.CO has announced that it is to build a new express route between Australia and the Middle East, according to a company release.

The new cable will directly connect Perth in Australia with the city of Muscat in Oman.

The Oman Australia Cable will comprise a three fibre pair system, with the option to upgrade to a four pair system as required. There is also the option to extend the cable to the southern Omani city of Salalah and onwards to Djibouti on Africa’s Eastern coast.

“I am delighted to be building a new, express route providing diversity and low latency between Australia and EMEA, while at the same time avoiding some of the challenges associated with building through the shallows of the Sunda Strait and busy South China Sea. For me, the Oman Australia Cable is the final piece of an important puzzle to improve Australia’s resiliency and recognises the growing importance of Oman in becoming the new “Cloud hub” in EMEA,” said Bevan Slattery, founder of SUB.CO.

Perth is establishing itself as a regional hub for connectivity in the Southern Hemisphere and has seen a flurry of investment in its cloud, network and data centre infrastructure. Perth has also seen three new subsea cables land in the city to meet demand for capacity in the region.

“OAC will be highly complementary to the recent submarine cables between Perth and Singapore as well as Indigo Central, which will be used to extend OAC to Australia’s cloud capital – Sydney” said Mr Slattery.

The Oman Australia Cable will begin construction later this year and is scheduled to be completed by December 2021.


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