Press Release

Novatiq, the only privacy-first identity solution to leverage first-party telco operator intelligence, has today released an in-depth report into the strategic options available to telecommunications networks when considering the digital marketing industry opportunity.

With the commodification of voice and data services and losses in roaming, messaging, and other services due to OTT players, many telcos are looking to transform themselves to cope with new market conditions and add shareholder value.

The report, ‘Digital Identity Verification for a Privacy-first World’ identifies a multi-billion-dollar opportunity for telcos to monetise their customer intelligence as independent identity verification service providers to the martech industry.

In particular, it will help telcos understand:

• the market landscape and macro forces at play
• the unique position telco operators can own within the digital media industry
• what sets telcos apart and where they can gain immediate traction in the diverse ID market
• how digital identity verification can improve their own marketing efficiencies and reduce churn
• The roadmap for accessing this lucrative ecosystem

Commenting on the report, Tanya Field, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Novatiq said:

“Our deep experience within the telco industry allows us to appreciate the twin demands of network infrastructure investment alongside revenue diversification from Enterprise VAS opportunities, which has only accelerated in recent years. While some network operators have invested in the digital advertising market, to greater-or-lesser success, that industry is at an inflection point, driven by changes in both regulation and technology. This is a situation crying out for a solution that telcos are uniquely placed to deliver. Time is of the essence, but the adtech industry is notoriously opaque. We therefore commissioned this detailed strategic report to enable telco networks to understand, evaluate and execute against the opportunity.”

Novatiq’s white paper is a must read for anyone in the telco industry looking to make the most of this new opportunity and can be downloaded for free from their company website: