Press Release

Nexign (part of ICS Holding), a leading Business Support System (BSS) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider, today announced that the company had successfully rolled out a Partner Relationship Management system for Tele2. The system is designed to support business processes related to the interaction between telecom operators and partner networks. With the implementation of this solution, Tele2 gained a flexible tool for automating settlements with dealers and content providers.
The companies began working together on the project in 2016, when Nexign won a tender to install a system for automating partner settlements. They opted for Partner Relationship Management (PRM), which enables the calculation of partner incentives to be managed flexibly via a customisable user interface, helps to reduce the cost of supporting partner relationship processes, and increases the efficiency of sales channels.
“Throughout the project, Tele2 and Nexign specialists had to maintain constant communication. Thanks to the coordinated work of our expert teams, we have gained a flexible solution for managing the calculation of partner incentives, significantly increasing our tools for cooperation and enabling us to create exclusive conditions for our key partners,” said Alexander Knyazev, Director of Tele2 Mass Market Operations.
“The system needed to be tailored to Tele2’s business processes. In order to meet their requirements, many of the processes that were already in place were overhauled. Nexign and Tele2 continue to work together on the solution, with the aim of further developing the system,” said Andrey Gulidin, Director of Customer Relations at Nexign.