Press Release

Cel-Fi signal boosters enable retailers and grocers to harness the power of near field communications and web-triggering applications

Nextivity Inc, global suppliers of smart mobile signal booster technology, have joined forces with Pan RF, in-building cellular and public safety communications specialists, to deliver seamless mobile coverage to retailers and grocers in the UK. As well as alleviating mobile dead spots, low data throughput and dropped call challenges, the collaboration will ensure reliable 4G coverage to facilitate mobile payment services. Pan RF will integrate Cel-Fi boosters as part of its growing portfolio of in-building coverage solutions.

The retail and grocery markets are undergoing a seismic change as a result of the digitization of shopping and a dramatic shift in consumer purchasing behaviour patterns. Store owners are under constant pressure to preserve profit margins, retain their market share and keep the short attention span of tech-savvy shoppers through the deployment of engaging applications to encourage point of decision (PoD) purchasing. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by providing a reliable mobile coverage infrastructure.

“Delivering high speed coverage networks expected in retail environments has always been challenging due to design architectures, basement locations and the materials used. Glass and metals, which are prevalent in fitouts, are the ultimate mobile signal blockers.” Says Colin Abrey, VP Channel Sales, EMEA, Cel-Fi by Nextivity. “The only way around the problem is to take the outdoor signal indoors using cellular enhancers like the Cel-Fi product range.”

The use of signal booster technology to resolve poor coverage problems has historically been severely hampered by the MNOs and the regulation, which made their deployment both expensive and complex. A relaxation in laws governing their usage, however, means retailers can take full advantage of signal booster systems to improve mobile coverage, so long as the system they use is fully compliant with Ofcom’s repeater licence exempt specification. Cel-Fi by Nextivity is the only product range in the UK that fully satisfies the full list of requirements, therefore legal to use on all 3G and 4G mobile networks.

“70% of instore purchases are made at the point of decision,” explains Ross Hulley, Managing Director of Pan RF. “By providing seamless connectivity, not only can shoppers interact with technologies like lift and learn or QR codes, thereby encouraging longer dwell times instore and higher spending rates as a result, retailers themselves can benefit from applications such as targeted advertising messages based on location based services, thus increasing brand loyalty and maintaining the bottom line.”

Cel-Fi’s products have been designed with the award-winning Intelliboost chipset at their core. The baseband processors are optimized to process radio frequency signals with incredibly low latency, ensuring seamless operation between mobile networks and handsets for all 3G and 4G/LTE technologies and services. They also have intelligence built in, which means they self-configure according to network coverage conditions and automatically power down if there is a network conflict.