Press Release

NFON, European provider of voice-centric business communications from the cloud, has entered into a strategic partnership with the Italian company Meetecho. As part of this partnership, NFON takes a 24.9% stake in Meetecho. At the same time, a service, and collaboration agreement was reached to jointly leverage the further potential of the Janus WebRTC Server in the product portfolios of both companies.

Dr. Klaus von Rottkay, CEO of NFON AG, sees the move as a clear commitment by NFON to its focused Unified Communications strategy: “The strategic partnership with Meetecho gives us direct access to industry-leading WebRTC know-how and accelerates the implementation of our own Unified Communications strategy. This is an important step in strengthening our independence from third-party technology in the long term.”

Meetecho was founded in 2009 as a spin-off of the University of Naples and the Janus WebRTC Server was released as open-source technology. Accordingly, in addition to commercial support and licensing, Meetecho primarily offers consulting and streaming services in connection with the Janus WebRTC Server. This is based on the open web standard WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) and enables real-time communication, which is important for video, voice, and data transmissions. On this basis, powerful solutions for voice and video communication can be created. Due to its multifunctional and modular design and its proven performance, the Janus WebRTC Server has been adopted for their WebRTC needs by many companies and organizations, including the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Twitter, Highfive and Alibaba Cloud.

Simon Pietro Romano, Co-founder and RTC Evangelist at Meetecho: “We are globally recognized experts on real-time communication and proud authors of the Janus WebRTC Server! NFON has a large customer base and a powerful sales & marketing organization, which makes them the ideal partner for us. Together we are now moving into the further development and marketing of our product portfolio. We win on both sides”.

Tobia Castaldi, CEO at Meetecho, adds: “The Janus WebRTC Server will remain at the center of our business activities, so nothing will change for our users and the community, but they will benefit from the partnership at the same time. This is a classic win-win situation.”

"With Cloudya, NFON offers an efficient and flexible platform for professional voice-centric business communication on which companies will be able to switch between telephony, video, or chat intuitively, easily and seamlessly in the future. With NFON, we want to become the leading provider for voice-centric business communication and continuously add unified communication and contact center solutions to our product portfolio. The strategic partnership with Meetecho offers the opportunity of accelerated expansion of our own video tech stack through targeted knowledge transfer and joint product developments. This fits perfectly into our strategy,” Jan-Peter Koopmann, CTO of NFON AG adds.

With the service and collaboration agreement concluded between the two companies, NFON has therefore not only secured direct access to industry-leading know-how. Further development of the Janus WebRTC Server and joint commercialization are also at the forefront.