Press Release

NFON AG, the only pan-European cloud PBX provider, will introduce two-factor authentication (2FA) for end devices from January 30th, 2020. When commissioning new phones, the one-time entry of a so-called Phone Authentication PIN (PAP) will be necessary. "Security and reliability are of particular importance for NFON", says Jan-Peter Koopmann, Chief Technology Officer of NFON AG. "For this reason, we regularly carry out audits of our platform and work continuously on further improvements. Based on our analyses and the developments in the area of IT security, we have decided to further develop this mechanism in order to meet our high demands and to guarantee the highest possible security for our customers".

Up to now, hardware authentication on the platform has been done using methods such as device manufacturer’s certificate bound to the hardware and the MAC address of the device, if supported by the manufacturer. With the introduction of the 2FA, an end device connected to the NFON platform must be additionally and uniquely authorized with a six-digit code (PAP) in addition to the established authentication mechanisms. Such a procedure is also common in online banking and leads to an additional increase in security for all users. "We have designed this in such a way that mitigates the impact on the NFON auto-provisioning process that customers are used to" adds Jan-Peter Koopmann. "The authentication integrates itself with little effort into the familiar processes during setup. The rule of thumb is: When weighing convenience and security, security must be the main consideration". The new procedure only affects new devices that have not yet been registered with NFON. Clever functions, especially for the commissioning of multiple devices make this procedure a real benefit for all customers and users.

NFON AG, as the provider of the communication structure, is not only an important but also safety-critical partner for all customers. Hans Szymanski, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer of NFON AG: "That we are more than aware of this importance is demonstrated by this patent pending proprietary development, which is based on our consistent striving for improvement. And with this effort we will continue to be an innovator in the industry".