Press Release

NFON, the European provider of voice-centric business communications from the cloud, today presented Cloudya CRM Connect. CRM Connect enables organisations looking to simplify data management and support more seamless collaboration to easily integrate their Cloudya cloud telephony desktop app with more than 60 different CRM platforms. "CRM Connect is purely software-based and does not require any telephony hardware – enabling customers to work in an even more customer-centric way in the simplest way possible," explains Jan-Peter Koopmann, Chief Technology Officer at NFON AG. "CRM Connect connects the majority of the most popular CRM systems with Cloudya, NFON’s cloud-based telephone system, which offers complete freedom in business communication.”

CRM Connect is fully app-driven and therefore no on-premise servers are required. With the ability to integrate Cloudya with different CRM systems, CRM Connect allows contact search from Cloudya or click-to-dial directly from the CRM system used. "Not only do companies experience numerous advantages through CRM Connect, but also their employees themselves benefit significantly," says Stefan Walcz, Vice President Products at NFON AG. "Customer information from CRM and ERP systems, such as name and company, is displayed when making and receiving calls, which reduces the number of software applications that need to be open in parallel. Work becomes more efficient as a result, and internal communication is also enhanced through seamless collaboration." Cloudya Business Premium customers also receive free integration with Outlook and Apple address books.

CRM Connect is a solution that can be easily and quickly put into operation and scaled according to business development, thus opening up completely new possibilities for companies to act in a more customer-oriented way. "CRM Connect gives our customers access to complete customer information – this increases the first call resolution rate and not only reduces the cost per contact, customer issues can be resolved faster, leading to higher customer satisfaction and customer loyalty," explains Jan-Peter Koopmann, Chief Technology Officer at NFON AG. "CRM Connect is an innovative software solution for efficient, customer-centric business processes, which ultimately leads to customers increasing their business performance and revenue.”