Nokia’s Chennai based production plant is one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities on the sub-continent, shipping products to over 100 countries

International kit manufacturer, Nokia, has begun production of 5G New Radio network equipment at its production facility in Chennai, according to a senior company representative.

"We are now pioneering 5G manufacturing in the country, making India and the world ready for 5G," said Sanjay Malik, senior vice president and head of the India Market, at Nokia.

India is experiencing exponential growth in data consumption levels on its 3G, 4G and LTE networks, with the average Indian subscriber using 7.6Gb of data per month.  This trend is expected to continue to increase, expediting the country’s move towards the rollout of 5G networks.

"5G NR will support [increasing] data consumption by providing significantly more network capacity, higher user throughput and lower latency with increased network reliability," he added.

Nokia’s Chennai factory will be the first facility in India to begin producing 5G network equipment that complies with 3GPP 5G New Radio Release standard 15.  

According to a report in the Economic Times of India, Nokia may also consider producing IP and Optic product lines at the facility.  

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