Nokia will also launch its new Design For Security 2.0 initiative from the new site

Nokia has launched a new 5G security testing and verification lab, near the Nokia Bell Labs headquarters in New Jersey.

The centre will underpin Nokia’s commitment to the research and development that will secure its next generation networks. The company will launch its new Design For Security (DFSEC) 2.0 initiative from the new lab, reiterating the company’s commitment to putting security at the heart of its operations.

“End-to-end 5G networks will fundamentally transform societies by providing ultra-high-speed wireless connectivity allowing massive, low latency ultra-reliable streaming data that will drive intelligent automation for a wide array of infrastructure, industries and enterprises. But with great opportunity comes significant security risk that must be addressed end-to-end, using an array of novel techniques and technologies.

"As the most trusted end-to-end solution provider in the 5G era, Nokia is taking a leadership position in defining and building advanced security solutions that will meet mission-critical needs, leveraging the deep and extensive security research and disruptive innovations from Nokia Bell Labs," said Marcus Weldon, corporate chief technology officer and president of Nokia Bell Labs.

Nokia’s new Future X Security lab will bring together communications service providers and industries to facilitate joint testing and verification of industrial automation solutions in private local area networks and across public wide area networks.

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