National Broadband Ireland (NBI) has selected Nokia to deploy a nation-wide FTTH network in the Republic of Ireland as part of the Irish Government’s National Broadband Plan (NBP).

As part of the agreement, Nokia will provide 100% of the active equipment, including an FTTH network based on next-generation PON technology, an aggregation network, based on its IP routing and optical networking technology and a performance management solution.


The goal of the NBP is to provide high-speed connectivity to all of Ireland’s population, including the 23% who currently live in the more rural Intervention Area where the NBP will be focused.


This involves connecting more than 44,000 non-farm businesses, over 54,000 farms and 695 schools, ensuring that no one is left behind.


Peter Hendrick, CEO at NBI, said: “We believe that better broadband networks promote social progress, equality and sustainability. With equal access to local, national and global opportunity, every person, community and organisation in Ireland will be empowered to achieve more. We look forward to working with Nokia because the company has the experience from similar projects globally, as well as the technological capabilities and end-to-end portfolio, for a project like this.”


Cormac Whelan, CEO UK and Ireland at Nokia, said: “It is imperative for today’s digital societies to provide high-speed connectivity everywhere – not just in cities and urban areas – to enable new digital services, digitalization of industries and innovation for economy and society to the benefit of the whole country. This project is key for the further digitalization of Ireland.”