The Finnish multinational has expanded its current partnership with SETAR, the leading communications provider on the island of Aruba, to include an end-to-end 5G transformation

SETAR and Nokia have announced they are growing their partnership to include an upgrade to 5G throughout the island or Aruba. 
The companies currently work together to provide a 4.5G pro-based network using Single RAN Advanced AirScale technology. This is the fastest mobile network currently available in Latin America.
Now, this new deal will see Nokia upgrade and futureproof the islands infrastructure to prepare for 5G. This process will take place via a phased approach and will include the introduction of massive MIMO technology. 
This upgrade will also includea shared data layer, tripling the efficiency of subscription and authentication services, and a virtualised evolved packet core that delivers an increase in the efficiency of the mobility and gateway functions.
“Nokia has been a long-term partner in SETAR’s modernization program, delivering on our plans to bring Aruba a world-class communications network,” said Roland Croes, managing director of SETAR. “Through our partnership to bring 5G to the island, we will ensure Aruba has the highest quality of services and maintains itself as a desirable place to live for our 110,000 residents and a top destination for 2 million tourists a year.” 
For Nokia, this development marks the company’s first foray into 5G in the context of Latin America.  
Osvaldo Di Campli, head of Latin America for Nokia, said: “SETAR has been a trusted partner for years and this new investment is an important step in delivering real 5G to the island. Choosing Nokia as the main vendor for this network means SETAR will benefit from an overall improvement in rollout time, cost of ownership and flexibility in the deployment, and demonstrates the adaptability of our 5G solution for service providers, whatever their size.”
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