Nokia believe that 5G is arriving ahead of schedule and considerably earlier than many analysts had predicted

The rollout of 5G will come faster than many operators expected, according to Nokia’s head of mobile network marketing, Jane Rygaard.

While there is no shortage of hype surrounding the rollout of fifth generation mobile networks, Rygaard believes that the arrival of 5G will come quicker than many expect.

"If you asked me six months ago, my timelines would have been a lot further out. Things are going really, really fast at the moment and it definitely feels like the race is now on. There is a lot of things happening with rollouts this year, which of course begs the question when will we start to see the emergence of devices that can utilise these networks," she said in an exclusive interview with Total Telecom this week.

The first iterations of 5G will centre around densely populated hotspots, and Rygaard believes that it will be som time before operators extend coverage out into more remote locations.

"Things are certainly happening faster than we could ever have anticipated. The rollout, when it happens though will be done in hotspots. If you ask me are we going to get 5G on the Outer Hebrides in Scotland anytime soon, the answer is probably not. We will need to see the evolution of what 5G is being used for, before we will see that comprehensive level of coverage. Naturally those hot spots of coverage will centre around areas where there are high levels of population," she explained.  

Rygaard expects the first 5G networks to launch in Asia or The US but also stated that Europe will not be too far behind.

"We will start to see the rollout of 5G later on this year and I think it’s going to happen faster than anybody originally thought," she added.