Finnish vendor is lowest bidder in Indian BTS tender, followed by ZTE; Ericsson misses out

BSNL has contracted Nokia and ZTE to roll out 40,000 new base stations in India, a project worth 60 billion rupees (€780 million) in total, according to an Indian press report.

The state-owned telco is adding the new base stations, including replacing some 2G sites, over a two-year period, the Economic Times wrote on Friday

BSNL chairman and managing director Anupam Shrivastava told the paper that the telco has issued an advance purchase order to Nokia and will do likewise to ZTE within 10 days.

Nokia was the lowest bidder in the tender process. It will carry out the network expansion in the south and western regions, while ZTE will cover the north and the east.

ZTE, the second lowest bidder, has agreed to match Nokia’s price.

It appears that Ericsson, the third lowest bidder, will miss out on the project.

BSNL currently has 130,000 base stations across India, the paper said.