Norway is seeing a flurry of interest from cable operators, data centre operators and OTT players, who are keen to find new routes into Scandinavia and Europe

Norway is becoming an increasingly prominent player in the subsea sector thanks to its role as a power generation hub, according to industry experts. 

Speaking at the Submarine Networks EMEA event in London today, Dag Aanensen, chief technology officer at No-UK Com As, said that Norway’s role in the subsea sector was growing all the time. 

“Previously, companies have preferred routes into Denmark or Sweden. As you may already know, last year Microsoft announced that it was building two data centres in Norway, one in Stavanger one in Oslo. AWS has also confirmed that it is setting up offices in Oslo,” he said. 

“With growing power restrictions in some European centres, and with Norway being the battery of Europe, [building cables] through Norway makes more and more sense. 

“The country has offshore wind farms, hydro-electric power and of course significant oil and gas plays and the Southwest of Norway is the heart of the country’s power sector.”

NO-UK Com As, is launching the England Cable, which will connect the UK to Norway via a 713km cable running between Stavanger and Newcastle. 

The England cable will be comprised of six, 40Tbps fibre pairs, providing a combined capacity of 240Tbps. 

“The England Cable is an open system that will significantly reduce latency between the UK and the Nordic nations. The project lead time is around 20 months and we are looking to complete by the fourth quarter of 2020 – we are ready to go,” said Aanensen.