Companies control robot, stream video from it using two different slices of same network.

NTT DoCoMo and Ericsson on Tuesday announced plans to conduct what they claim will be the world’s first live network slicing demonstration.

Network slicing is when a single physical network is effectively partitioned into multiple virtual networks. The parameters of each partition are tailored to meet the varying needs of different services or applications.

"Continuing our joint development of an industry ecosystem for 5G and IoT together with NTT DoCoMo, we are applying multiple network slices on the same device to enable different services with different characteristics," said Jan Häglund, head of technology management, digital systems, at Ericsson.

In DoCoMo and Ericsson’s demonstration, the device in question is a robot with a head-mounted camera.

The video is streamed to a remote data centre for analysis, and then instructions, based on that analysis, are sent back to the robot on a separate slice.

"This demonstration showcases just one of the seemingly endless possible use cases that are opening up new business opportunities for both operators and industries," said Häglund.

The demonstration will take place at a 5G summit in Tokyo later this week.