Press Release

EKINOPS announces that its subsidiary OneAccess, a telecoms network access specialist, today unveils the deployment of its new multi-service access routers, enabling a major Italian telecom operator to deliver fiber-speed connectivity services to SME customers over its existing copper plant.

With several thousand routers to be deployed each year, the ONE521 router empowers the Italian operator to deliver a unique proposition, remain competitive in the SMB space, and substantially increase its customer base.

“This deployment proves that use of this technology in the enterprise market is a game-changer,” comments Pravin Mirchandani, CMO, OneAccess Networks. “With pressure from government initiatives and competing Telcos driving the deployment of ‘next-generation networks’ across Italy, our technology has enabled this operator to remain competitive and get the most out of its existing copper infrastructure.”

OneAccess’ new routers are the first enterprise-focused solutions to harness the power of Broadcom’s latest BCM63138SE chipset and include support for VDSL2 Profile 35b and bonded VDSL services. They deliver access speeds of up to 300mb/s, and support value added services such as voice, WiFi and LTE backup. By enabling support for fiber with copper backup deployments, as well as delivering high-speed fiber to the premises (FTTP), the line also safeguards the operator’s future investment in fiber deployments.

“As experts in the enterprise market and champions of Broadcom and Enhanced VDSL, our solutions offer operators flexibility and a future-proof, cost-effective business model,” adds Mirchandani. “With OneAccess, operators can address the growing demand for high speed services in CPE equipment before deploying fiber.”

Standardized in November 2015, VDSL2+ (Profile 35b) and bonded VDSL are the latest evolutions of VDSL2 technology. They offer downstream rates up to 300Mbps over distances less than 250m and upstream rates up to 100Mbps over a single copper wire pair. Bonded VDSL combines two or more classical VDSL2 line pairs and, over a given distance, multiplies the available bandwidth by the number of bonded pairs.

The ONE521 is part of the next iteration of OneAccess platforms to run on OneOS6, OneAccess’ recently launched flexible, NETCONF-ready operating system. By combining the next generation of VDSL technologies, FTTP and OneOS6, operators are empowered to deploy high-speed services and next-generation network functions at a pace they decide.

The new platforms are available to operators today and are already shipping to select customers in Europe. More technical information on the new platforms is available on OneAccess website, here: