Press Release

OneAccess Networks today announces the launch of OVP Design Studio, a unique and time-saving software tool that enables communication service providers and managed service providers to significantly accelerate the creation and delivery of NFV-based services.

OVP Design Studio is a graphical software tool with a drag’n’drop design environment in which operators can quickly model, design, test and validate complete virtual network function (VNF)-based service chains. Once tested and validated users of OVP Design Studio can export, at the click of a button, either an XML template or a network service descriptor (NSD) for rapid integration into any NETCONF-capable orchestration system representing a massive time-saving when compared to current service design and deployment methods.

OVP Design Studio is used in conjunction with OneAccess’ Open Virtualization Platform (OVP), a hosting platform with integrated vRouter for OneAccess and third-party VNFs. It enables network architects to simplify the process of creating virtual network services, swiftly instantiating and interconnecting VNFs, defining their service parameters and troubleshooting the resulting service chain.

“Unless you’ve already wrestled with the tasks involved in creating and testing NETCONF-based services, it’s hard to appreciate the game-changing nature of OVP Design Studio,” comments Pravin Mirchandani, CMO, OneAccess. “It makes the process of creating service chains essentially painless. Within one elegant graphical environment you can use drag-and-drop techniques to rapidly create and prototype virtualized services and then export fully tested XML templates or NSDs into an orchestrator.
“Operators and MSPs are frankly overwhelmed by the complexity and cost of designing their virtualized network services,” adds Mirchandani. “OVP Design Studio not only simplifies and accelerates the complex chaining process, it also promotes vendor neutrality. Network functions from OneAccess and other vendors can all be integrated in the same environment, keeping operators in full control of their NFV deployments as well as accelerating time-to-revenue.”

OVP Design Studio is an integral part of the OneAccess Open Virtualization Platform (OVP) portfolio, targeting branch offices that require the virtualized deployment of on-premise services. It is available now as an add-on license to the OVP package.