Any major event puts immense pressure on the communications network as fans share updates as they happen. It demands network planning and effective management to ensure that quality is maintained even as a growing number of people use the network at the same time. Typically, it also leads to an exponential increase in bandwidth demand as fans share videos on social media and with their friends.

Ooredoo and Huawei have signed a Key Event Assurance Agreement to provide a best-in-class user experience during the upcoming world-famous football event, FIFA World Cup 2022, in Qatar starting November 20. Over 1.2 million international visitors will likely visit Qatar to watch the 32-team tournament. In addition, several Government representatives, journalists and global football leaders will be visiting Qatar to watch the games and billions of fans will be watching on television.

“This strategic partnership between Ooredoo and Huawei looks set to be a winning team as the largest single-sport competition in the world comes to Qatar. Ooredoo continues to be committed to upgrading our customers’ world, and with 1.2 million fans expected to convene over the 29 days of the event, our common goal is to deliver transformational digital experiences for all, as well as to the billions watching on TV around the world,” says Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulla Al Thani, Deputy Group CEO and CEO of Ooredoo Qatar.

“Huawei has rich experience in various international sporting events. Huawei will use multiple leading technologies in partnership with Ooredoo to contribute to the success of this exceptional sports feast taking place in Qatar,” says Li Peng, President of Carrier BG Group, Huawei.

Preparing the networks for the mega event

As part of the agreement, the two companies will be working as one team to provide the best possible network experience to international visitors as well as domestic football fans as they get ready to enjoy the event held once every four years.

More than 100 Huawei experts from across various domains will be working round the clock at Ooredoo Qatar’s Operations Center to ensure the success of the assurance program. Further, global Huawei expert support is also ready to provide a service guarantee.

The two companies, Ooredoo and Huawei, are undertaking several measures to ensure a best-in-class experience during the event. As part of the preparations for the event, the latest network equipment is being deployed in seven stadiums. Further, they are also fine-tuning the network and identifying and addressing any network-related issues before the event. Ooredoo and Huawei are also conducting comprehensive resilience tests in all stadiums as part of preparing the networks for this major event.

In addition, augmented Reality (AR) assisted operations will be used across stadiums and broadcast networks to provide quality and an error-free experience.

Boosting Broadcast Experience

Ooredoo and Huawei have also deployed state-of-the-art international broadcast network solutions that will carry live broadcasting traffic of the event globally. In addition, three 24×7 operations centres have been set up for seamless handling of the broadcast traffic to the world.

The two companies have also launched next-generation TV services through their fixed broadband network in the lead-up to the major football event. This will provide an immersive experience for viewers in Qatar who decide to enjoy matches from their homes. Ooredoo and Huawei experts will work round the clock to ensure that any network glitch does not mar the viewers’ experience.

As part of the preparations, Ooredoo and Huawei will also work to upgrade the Voice over LTE (VoLTE) network to ensure a superior experience even as the number of users increases significantly. The two companies will also work together to ensure the platform remains agile and robust and they are able to offer customized packages to the end user.

The domestic and international football fans can be assured of world-class voice, data and broadcast experience during the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022 with the two industry leaders.