Press Release

Businesses that aim to sustain its market position and stay afloat through the challenges occurred due to the rapid technological evolutions, need to constantly evolve and invest in the future of their businesses to maintain the same potential for growth and improvement.

In an environment of constant change, the needs and demands of individual and corporate customers change accordingly. Thus, Ooredoo business, the trusted technology partner for your business solutions, strives to exceed its customers’ expectations efficiently and effectively through offering comprehensive, all-inclusive services for group communication.

Push-to-Talk (PTT) is one of the group communication services Ooredoo business offers to its corporate customers in partnership with Telo Systems, the leading manufacturer of innovative broadband push-to-talk solution enabling employees to connect at the push of a button.

Push-to-Talk is an enhanced communications service offered for different industries such as the security, manufacturing and logistics along with many other industries that require a private voice-based network with multi-party communications, with instant access to the corporate digital network. That is, providing a seamless communication process, time saving and maximizing productivity. Push-to-Talk also provides GPS and route history tracking services for maximum efficiency.

Since its rollout and due to its distinguished features and advantages, the service has always grabbed a remarkable attention from the business sector and corporates.

On this occasion, Essa AlMoosa, Executive Director of Business & Consumer Sales, Ooredoo Kuwait, said: “In today’s business environment, responding to change is necessary. Responding to change equals adapting new strategies, enhancing capabilities and skills, and improving products and services to remain viable and profitable.”

“Continuously developing Ooredoo’s services is a critical factor in sustaining our leading position in the Kuwaiti market, along with maintaining our existing customers and attracting new ones. Hence, we remain consistent in delivering our promise to customers with the goal of dramatic improvement that is consistent customer satisfaction level” AlMoosa added.