Press Release

Gartner has included Open Systems in its 2019 Market Guide for Managed SD-WAN Services, 2019 report.

According to the report, “Managed SD-WAN services can improve operations performance and reduce an enterprise’s need to grow internal capabilities. This is because the managed SD-WAN services provider becomes the single point of contact for monitoring, reporting, and incident and change management of the SD-WAN product, and all WAN transport, inclusive of access path diversity. This, in turn, allows the enterprise’s internal resources to focus on higher objectives.”

Open Systems designed and built the most complete and flexible managed secure SD-WAN solution, making it easy to consume a secure SD-WAN across multiple clouds. The service includes around-the-clock network and security operations managed by expert-level engineers and backed by solid SLAs. All of Open Systems’ best-of-breed features and technologies are integrated into the service, and security is built-in at every layer. Enterprises don’t have to manage functions separately or worry about interoperability. With Open Systems, everything is monitored via a single pane of glass.

“We believe that Gartner’s comprehensive review of SD-WAN managed services validates the increasing demand for these solutions and the maturity of our industry,” said Martin Bosshardt, CEO of Open Systems. “We believe that as readers dive into the report and review the capabilities and recommendations, they will understand the powerful advantages of Open Systems’ comprehensive, secure SD-WAN.”

“Most SD-WAN managed service providers are inherently limited by their dependence on another vendor’s products, so there’s only so much they can do to tailor solutions to the needs of a particular enterprise,” added Bosshardt. “Because we control every operational aspect of our service, we can provide the most comprehensive, flexible and secure SD-WAN, enabling enterprises to reduce network risks, simplify compliance and eliminate the complexity of managing a global IT network.”