The new solution provides a strong and stable 4G signal within hard to reach buildings and urban not spots

Opencell and Vodafone have unveiled their new solution to help boost 4G mobile signal in high rise buildings.  

“It’s exciting to once again enable a telecoms solution first. As this pilot site goes live, it demonstrates another indoor mobile signal “impossibility” made possible by Opencell. The days of people accepting mobile signal dead zones in their buildings are over, and this faster, completely secure connectivity will help many leapfrog from no access to mobile signal, straight to the best voice and data experience available,” said Graham Payne, CEO at Opencell.

With the increasing use of hard to penetrate building materials such as solar reflective glass and other environmentally friendly building materials, gaining a 4G signal in a high-rise office block is increasingly problematic. However, Opencell’s new solution utilises the company’s unique shared transmission service, powered by 4G small cell technology to provide a strong and stable 4G signal. The project is being showcased at the AECOM’s New European headquarters at Aldgate Tower, London.

“We are committed to continually improving our network. We have invested more than £2 billion in the network over the last two years and expect to spend another £2 billion over the next few.  We are proud that through our partnership with Opencell we are able to provide the UK’s first 4G indoor coverage to residents and visitors of AECOM at Aldgate Tower,” said Kye Prigg, head of networks, Vodafone UK.