Press Release

Openet, a leader in the supply of Digital BSS, today announced the availability of the Openet Evolved Charging Suite (ECS) for 5G. As well as being cloud-native and 5G-compliant, the design of the Openet ECS enables operators to have unprecedented levels of agility to respond to market opportunities.

According to Tony Gillick, Openet’s VP Product Management, “With 5G most operators are expecting to provide more than double the number of offers compared with 4G. They also want these offers launched, managed and monetised in a much faster time. This means a radical change to how offers are configured and managed. Increased automation and self-configuration of rules enables much quicker time to market, making the offer catalogues the beating heart of the charging system. We’ve seen Openet tier 1 customers achieve improvements of up to 70% in time to market. In our view these levels of performance improvements are unprecedented in BSS”.

Commenting on the Openet ECS, principal analyst John Abraham of Analysys Mason said: “Effective monetisation of 5G network slices will be a key requirement of 5G charging systems. Openet’s expertise in real-time policy and charging solutions positions them well for emerging 5G enabled use cases that requires support of flexible service pricing models and dynamic charging based on latency and quality of service for various device types. In addition, Openet’s use of slice blueprints with automated rating and charging rules can help operators accelerate the roll out and monetisation of network slices.”

The Openet ECS is built for 5G; it provides 5G CHF (Charging Function) and CCS (Convergent Charging System) capability and is designed to support existing 2/3/4G mobility, fixed services along with new 5G services. The solution is cloud-native, containerised, based on a Service-Based Architecture (SBA) and utilises service mesh technologies for rapid network integration, scalability and resilience. Leveraging open source components, such as Docker and Kubernetes, and using Digital APIs to ensure ease of integration, the Openet ECS can dramatically reduce OpEx, typically associated with traditional legacy charging systems.

Openet supports various deployment models. From full intelligent network (IN) replacement, adjunct charging capability, and fully integrated Policy and Charging (PCC) replacement, all the way to DevOps-based co-development with operators using Openet’s library of microservices.