Press Release

Openet today announced the launch of the Openet Data Fabric platform. The zero-cost license, unified data intelligence platform enables the frictionless integration of all network data sources into a single data fabric that supports the storage, processing, analysis and management of disparate data in order to fulfill strategic business objectives. The Openet Data Fabric platform provides operator business units with a comprehensive approach to data management, data processing and data governance that meets the demands of today’s complex network environments.

The modular platform provides active governance of data, whereby all data sources are integrated, with data only collected, processed and stored if there is a use case that requires it, and where applicable, where there is a legal basis. This approach allows viewers to set different reusable controls according to use case, thus easing the complexity associated with managing such a granular level of data. Examples include views of enriched, aggregated and correlated data, as well as more complex anomaly detection, root cause analysis and pattern detection.

The Data Fabric platform incorporates Openet’s Digital Gateway to provide extensive interface intelligence to allow for integration across all data source types and formats, while also leveraging Open Source technologies. Built on a microservices-based approach, the platform is capable of managing unprecedented volumes of data. The platform has already been deployed in a Microsoft Azure Cloud environment where it processed one trillion events per day.

“For the past 15 years, real-time data management and mediation has only been required for billing and CRM functions – but changes in operator commercial and technical landscapes mean the industry now needs “Mediation 2.0”. The launch of the Openet Data Fabric platform addresses this need with the same depth as our market-leading Mediation 1.0 efforts, and further strengthens our commitment to leading real change within the operator/vendor community,” said Niall Norton, CEO, Openet. “As data volumes and network complexity increases with the arrival of 5G, operators need the right tools that can provide valuable insights easily and in real-time. Harnessing technologies and approaches such as microservices, DevOps and Open Source will be key to developing the processing power necessary to manage unprecedented volumes of data.”

The Openet Data Fabric will be available on a free license basis. For more information, please visit: