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Openet today announced that it has entered a partnership with a Tier 1 North American operator to provide its Telco as a Service (TaaS) solution. This solution comprises integrated best of breed solutions that will combine to deliver an AI-driven end-to-end digital business platform that will be delivered in 16 weeks. The solution is made up by systems from Openet (PCC), Etiya (AI-driven customer experience management and self-care), Quortus (core network software), Jinny Software (messaging) and Invigo (device management).

The solution will provide the digital business platform for the operator to launch and manage a digital first sub-brand. By using the solution on an ‘as a service’ basis, the operator will significantly reduce the risks and the up-front costs of setting up a new business.

Niall Byrne, General Manager of Openet’s MVNx and IoT business, commented, “Openet and our partners have the proven solutions that can be integrated to provide an agile digital business platform, getting operators’ sub-brands and MVNx businesses up and running in 16 weeks. This is game changing”.

As well as supporting the operator’s digital first, mobile sub brand, Telco as a Service will also enable management of the operator’s planned fixed broadband, content / entertainment and IoT services which it will roll out in 2018.

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