Openreach has boosted the number of sites that can now receive Gfast, gigabit services

Openreach has announced that it has boosted connectivity for 370,000 properties in the UK by rolling out a combination of Gfast and full fibre services.

The UK’s incumbent broadband network infrastructure provider has come under fire in recent months as the UK looks to sharpen its focus on gigabit capable, full fibre networks. The latest move by Openreach will go some way to quietening those detractors, although some may point out that GFast does not scale up in the same manner as fibre.

Openreach says that its latest network upgrade allows it to offer services that are ideal for small businesses and domestic consumers alike.

“Britons are using their home broadband connections more than ever – consuming more than double the amount of data than they did just three years ago. A mass of new apps and services which demand higher quality broadband connections are becoming parts of our daily lives in our homes and at work – like virtual and augmented reality and more sophisticated online gaming, education and healthcare. That’s why we’re making this huge investment in upgrading the network, to make sure we stay a step ahead of that demand,” said Kim Mears, MD for Strategic Infrastructure Development at Openreach.

The UK government has said that it requires 10 million fibre to the home (FTTH) connections by 2025. Openreach has pledged to provide 3 million of these by 2022.