Press Release

Enea’s new division will be called Enea Openwave

Stockholm: 22 November 2019: Following Openwave Mobility’s successful integration, today Enea unveiled its latest division: Enea Openwave. Thanks to the synergy between Openwave and Enea, operators now have access to an award-winning portfolio of 4G and 5G technologies that spans the mobile network from the edge to the core – a significant proposition.

Enea’s mobile core software solutions in 5G data management include a 5G common data layer and a unified data manager. On the user plane they include network intelligence, video traffic management, and transmission control protocol (TCP) acceleration.

John Giere, President of Enea Openwave said: “This week marks an exciting new chapter in our company’s journey. Our 5G data management and video traffic management technologies combined with Enea’s software and virtualization expertise now give 4G and 5G operators a real edge. Enea has been fully committed to our product roadmap and strongly believes in our innovative and agile culture. This close-knit integration will have an amazingly positive impact on mobile operators.”