More than two-thirds of telecom operators are now well into their transformation journey according to research conducted by Ovum on behalf of Tata Communications Transformation Services (TCTS). This was one of the key takeaways revealed by Vivek Chadha, AVP and Europe Head of Sales at TCTS when he sat down with Total Telecom.

Vivek went on to discuss the key challenges rolling out the network of the future and what he had discovered whilst hosting a roundtable session at the Total Telecom Congress, including thoughts around

  • People and skills
  • Changing the commercial mindset
  • Who owns the customer experience

Asked whether there will be a time when the telco doesn’t exist, Vivek countered that the death of the telco is being exaggerated and on the contrary there’s never been a more exciting time than now to be a telco.

Watch the full video interview for more on the benefits of technology adoption, what the customer thinks about networks of the future and how IT priorities come before the network

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Tata Communications Transformation Services are Platinum sponsors of the Total Telecom Congress and World Communication Awards, where Vivek went on to present the award for CTO of the Year 2018 to Howard Watson of BT.