The tool allows users to pinpoint the location in which they had network problems, helping Optus target its investigations

A new tool will soon allow Optus users to quickly report any network troubles they are experiencing, simply by dropping a pin on a digital map.
Previously, if users were experiencing network trouble the only way to report the issue, as is similarly the case with so many operators, was to call Optus directly. But these days are hopefully behind them, with the new app-based solution allowing users to issue network reports far more quickly and easily.
The tool, called Network Experience Maps (NE Maps), is an app powered by Google Maps, allowing users to simply drop a pin on their location when experiencing network troubles, such as network congestion or service outages. These reports are then quickly correlated by Optus, allowing them to investigate and solve network issues far more quickly than previously possible.
The technology allows for reports to be located anywhere in the world, not just within Australia; the operator says this will help it to identify issues when its customers are roaming on international networks.
Naturally, such a simple system leaves a lot of space for false reports, but Optus says it has taken measures to help distinguish between genuine and fake reports.
“The processes we have in place will ensure the issues we investigate are genuine and provide real benefit to our customers’ experience of our nationwide network,” Optus’ head of customer experience Charles Weiser explained to iTnews.
The service even allows the public a chance to follow-up on their network issues, allowing them to sign up for SMS or email updates about the issue they reported. 
In a world where everyone increasingly relies on connectivity for their everyday lives, network issues can be a frustrating occurrence, leaving customers feeling powerless. With NE Maps, Optus has hopefully gone some way to alleviating that feeling.
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